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We're a Full Range Software Service and development Company. "We don't only write code, We solve your rocket science problem. We build business software to minimize workload and maximum success."

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Our Services

We are a factory of software, building from small components to enterprise systems.

Web Development:

We develop highly scalable applications for web platforms using industry standard languages like Javascript, Typescript and Java.

Mobile Development:

From android applications to IOS, these are our daily implementations. Tech stacks include Java, Kotlin, Flutter and Swift.

Cloud Computing:

We provide all services from AWS and Azure and also provide hosting platforms to your software and secured databases to your data.

Software Consulting:

We provide consulting using Information Technology in your regular legacy business. We provide counseling from planning to End user product.

Software as a Service:

We have modern software solutions and automated bots for your restaurant, hotel etc so that you can pay as you go and only focus on the business part.

Digital Marketing:

We operate in a creative way of showcasing products. From launching new products to explaining old products in new ways we provide all services.

Ecommerce Development:

We are highly experienced in ecommerce development. We have built a whole network for ecommerce development from delivery service, accounting software, product wholesale marketplace to dropshipping service.

Data Science:

We analyze all kinds of data using sophisticated quantitative methods (for example, statistics, machine learning, simulation a nd optimization) by third-party services to deliver decision support for business processes.

Web & Mobile Development

We develop highly scalable applications for web platforms. We are committed to developing using industry standard languages like Javascript, Typescript and Java.

Responsive Design
UI / UX Design
Mobile App Development
React Web Development
Web Development
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Digital Marketing

We provide animated designs to real world story designs. All possible ways to reachout most people on various platforms and to please them with your products.

SEO Marketing
Social Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Youtube Marketing

Cloud Hosting Services

We are dedicated to providing you with a cdn, hosting and file storage system so that you can fully focus on your business.

Cloud Databases
File Storage
Email Servers
Website Hosting
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Why Choose Us

We are a team of young and experienced software engineers that are willing to make products in new and creative ways. We focus on operating in new tech stacks as per the need of the project and its scalability. We always ought to give as possible uniqueness to projects so that they can shine in markets.

Who We Are

We are a group of technology enthusiasts developing mature and scalable applications used in multiple sectors. We are located in multiple time zones so that your availability is fully with you.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to provide quality of service to end businesses and users at very good pricing. We are committed to green energy and environment protection. By 2026 We promise to use fully green energy for our whole flow of company and services.


We always use updated versions of tools for development so that it won't affect our security. Our Techstack includes ReactJs and Nodejs in Javascript and Typescript, C, Java, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift, SQL, Mongodb, Redis, Docker, kubernetes.

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